Sunday, January 26, 2014

Space Pirate Radio

Today, appropriately falling on a Sunday, marks Guy Guden's Space Pirate Radio's 40th Anniversary.
I was an avid listener back in 1974 to his Sunday midnight to Monday morning show to which I was inspired and driven to complete my art assignments 'til sunrise in Santa Barbara, CA.
The radio show's host, Guy Guden was the best company one could have in a small one room studio then, and the music he played (transmitted through a mono clock radio) was my soundtrack to create to.
Music from Japan to Finland; Progressive, Experimental, Electronic, Rock to Alternative ol' Scots  Ivor Cutler.
He spun the latest imported vinyl releases, most's first time ever aired on American radio,
would 'phase' two records of the same on the dual turn tables, collage movie/TV sound bites and mix in his own
  'Sir, Real-ly?' commercials on yes, a non-commercial show.

I've given Guy a few props on past posts, mainly because he introduced me to nearly half of my music collection and still 40 years later, remains a good friend.

     Cheers Guy.