Friday, January 3, 2014


The first time I was introduced to Brian Eno was in 1972, Roxy Music at Hollywood's 'Whiskey A Go-Go'... did Uriah Heep open?
An alien 'transgenderishlich' musician behind keyboard and mixing knobs; no eyebrowed Eno raising feathered shoulder pads gained more attention than the group's frontman Bryan Ferry for me.
I followed Eno's solo career, 'Here Come the Warm Jets'... but his collaborations with Robert Fripp of King Crimson and others caught my mind's ear more.

Later being introduced to the German experimentalists on Space Pirate Radio, a new collaboration was yet to unfold, Cluster and Eno.
Now listening to Eno with the New Composers of Russia takes me back to those warm 70's nights and evening stars.
(it's 46 degrees and starless here in Flo)