Thursday, August 28, 2014

Loop Guru - Aphrodite's Shoe

Grazie, Guy!
Signore GG Gudino, 'Spaizza Pirat'e Rradio'... from ol' broadcast n' memories... late night early nineties?

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Lost n' Found

I have an obsessive behavior when it comes to finding a song I heard and wanting to hear it again.
In '83 Hamburg Germany I discovered the Cherry Red Label; listening to The Passage's 'Enflame' constantly, Eyeless in Gaza...
Upon returning to the States I heard on KCRW radio, a song I thought of Robert Wyatt, 'Ultramarine'- Taking me back to those Canterbury days of Caravan and Soft Machine in the early years.

Last night I rediscovered it. Yes, by 'cybernetspacesurfin'blindn'bychance'- a collaboration of Robert Wyatt with Ben Watt on good ol' Cherry Red Records.

Ben Watt - A Girl In Winter