Saturday, December 21, 2013

Rushing Red

My favorite color was red when asked when I was young.

I learned the planet Mars was red...

'Spirit Preparation' on 'Planetarium 2' New Composers with Pete Namlook (Koolman rev'd)
takes me to that sand pit behind the farm fence from the movie, 'Invaders from Mars'.
After I saw this 50's classic, I later noticed a mole on the nape of my Father's neck and was certain he was needled by the Martians because of his behavior that day...
I convinced my younger Brother Paul, Dad had been taken by the aliens.

A joke from 2nd grade (still instilled in me ol' grey matter)
 'Why are Fire Engines red?'
'Cause they're 12 inches in a ruler,
Queen Mary was a Ruler, she also was a ship,
ship sail in the sea, in the sea are fishes,
fishes have fins, Fins fought the Russians,
Russians are red...
and that's why they're rushin' all over the place'.

Enjoying the red Christmas bulbs' glow
and the green baby Jesus' halo.