Sunday, December 1, 2013

From Russia

I was introduced to much of my Eastern Euro music collection at Klasky Csupo, an animation studio that housed Hungarians, Bulgarians, Poles, Czechs and Russians with great taste and talent.
There we shared CD's amongst the cubicles and floors.
Yelena Tokman (last seen at a Holger Czukay performance), shared a St. Petersburg duo-
                                                             New Composers' 'Astra'

Brian Eno worked and produced with the new Composers as well as Russian Art Rockers
Zvuki Mu

One advantage of the Klasky Csupo's locale, was that its first studio's home was a block up from Aaron's Records on Highland Ave. Hollywood... a lost song would come to mind while drawing...oh,  time to take a break and search the bins. The studio then moved to the grand Sunset Blvd. across from Amoeba Records... 
There I found the works of Alexander Kopelkin, a Moscow experimentalist of sound and textures.
'Shadow Trap's tracks are listed as locations...
Eleven locations that place me well.