Thursday, August 22, 2013

Doin' that Scrapyard Thing

Always loved a good bass line; Donald 'Duck' Dunn's for Stax recordings, later Jack Bruce's for Cream...
I was asked to play bass for Thousand Oaks' 'Cast of a Thousand' in '72.
At the time I was diggin' 'The Move', a Birmingham band that went from Pop to Rock in the UK.
Rick Price replaced Chris 'Ace' Kefford's grindy bass, just as well.

Jim Rolfe, the lead guitarist of my new found band of Thousand Oaks, told me that Chris Squire of 'Yes' got his metallic bass sound on fresh Rotosound bass strings... I couldn't afford a fresh set of strings for each gig, so I'd rub alcohol into their round wound grooves.
I was a guitar player that wanted the bass to stand out melodic but still have a bottom with the drums.

Late 70's
The Punk scene is happening, dismissing the Prog'bots' scalies...
'The Stranglers' arrive.
Jean Jacques Burnell's bass lines brought it back with a vengeance.

Love that Large Mouth Bass.