Friday, February 21, 2014

Tales of Brave Ulysses

In my younger, penniless days, I'd request records as gifts when asked by relatives what I wanted for my 'Chris'amissa'Bird'day'.

My Godmother, 'Aunt Jean d' Napoli got me 'Fresh Cream' n' 'Disraeli Gears' when I turned 13.
This band could jam. Their combined talent created A'sound.
Jack Bruce's singing took me away.
From Blues to tiny Purple fishes, lyrics of Pete Brown and Skip James were memorized.
Later learning every guitar note n' bend of 'slow-hand' Clapton,
then fortunate to meet Keith Heins at Thousand Oaks High School, a drummer inspired by Cream's
jazz'-Afro'red drumming of Ginger Baker...
We started jammin'-
'Phil Sodequist Blues Band'
'Dale Poune Cake walks with Wally'
'Cast of a Thousand Tiki Beats'
'Jiggle the Handle'...

Jack Bruce's solo work, 'Harmony Row' takes me back to waltzing Tania at two 'round the livingroom in the afternoon.

Ten pieces of sun for you 
And for you only two
Take care not to grow so fast 
You're into the past
In time you will lose them all 
Sooner if you fall
In markets that offer stars 
No care for the stars

Now/when the time is so ripe
Then/in the twinkling of an eye
Gone/in the drains of a world 
Victoria Sage wears out rage

Ten fallings in love for you 
And for you only two
Take care not to love too much 
You might like the touch
Spring beckons you leave it all 
Now you have grown tall
Gold pavements on different stars 
Watch out for the cars